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How to Use Coupons to Save on Your EveryDay Purchases

How to Use Coupons

Coupon Codes are one of the most effective ways to market significant consumer brands. At the same time, they help us save on our daily purchases, which means that we can buy top-branded products at very affordable prices.


At Coupons Bate, you will find coupons for almost all categories. You can also redeem codes, offers, and huge discounts.

Calm in Life

On this platform, you will find coupons for Nestlé products. Instant coffee, yogurt, or ice cream are just some products that give you exciting discounts.

Nestlé Baby

You can also find exciting offers and coupons for muesli, yogurt, and baby milk on Nestlé’s baby food website. This end product is the best-selling product.

Next to You

On this platform, you can find discounts on products from Procter & Gamble, a group that includes brands such as Fairy, Gillette, and Ausonia.

How to Use Coupons

Your ClubHouse

This platform offers quite interesting coupons for various products, especially perfumes and cleaning products, with discounts from 0.50 to one euro.

Happy House

The Reckitt Benckiser Group’s coupon website specializes in cleaning products from brands such as Elena, Finish, Calgon, and Floor.


Mercadona Group has more than 1,600 supermarkets in Spain. Using the discount coupons in Mercadona is very easy; All you have to do is present them at checkout.


Carrefour has its discount program, Carrefour Club, and accepts coupons purchased in other ways.


This network of supermarkets accepts all types of discount coupons. It also has a coupon program that you can access by registering.


Even though it has its coupons, this grocery store accepts all the discounts we take from home.

To The Field

This supermarket chain has more than 50 supermarkets in Spain and an online store. Overall, they accept coupons such as those from the mentioned websites.


Eroski has its discount program, but it accepts most coupons you can get online.


This supermarket chain has its loyalty program but accepts almost all coupons.

English Court

These malls accept grocery stores, pharmacies, perfumes, electronics, and home coupons.


You can redeem any coupon in more than 40 Hipercor supermarkets.

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Benefits of Coupons

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