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Technology Oriented Education Blessing or Danger?

Technology Oriented Education

The introduction of technology has changed the foundations of the education system. Traditional schools, colleges, and universities are not mandatory. All education is available in internet forums where students can use it anytime.

Education is one of the most critical areas of life. Education plays a crucial role in the formation and development of a nation. It also has a responsibility to shape citizens according to society’s norms. She has the power to regulate the minds of young people and shape the character of the younger generation. Education is never a short-term idea; It is always a long-term project that will have success or failure after at least ten years.

The idea of traditional education has disappeared, and technology has created a new basis for education; says Charles Michael Vaughn:

According to Charles Michael Vaughn, technology has created a whole new atmosphere in education, pleasant and practical. The revolution in education has taken place, and people have embraced it. The government and the heads of academic institutions must also improve education policy in line with current needs and requirements.

Charles Michael Vaughan explains that the traditional education model where children have to go to school is gone forever. Children today no longer need a teacher for their education. Instead, they need a mentor and assistant who can solve the problems practically; You can handle the new technology and meet the challenges of the times.

The student-teacher relationship is also disturbed by the impact of technology. This distance has seemed in advanced education. College understudies have gathered a great deal of data from the web and different sources. They need a tutor who lets them know how to deal with information.

The idea of distance education has also entered the education system with the influence of technology. Students do not have to go to school to get an education or a degree. Online or distance learning is an educational idea for students who cannot go to school due to financial constraints.

They were aimed at people who want to continue their education abroad. This pedagogical idea also applies to university students who work and study simultaneously. The working criterion for this online or digital education system is to participate in the lectures or watch videos from letters and institutions and give an instructor a minimum viewing time as attendance. After the roster period, tests require people to stay online on the site to complete the test.

For VIVA or different exercises that require an immediate connection between educator and understudy, the live meetings should be possible on Zoom or Skype in this schooling system.

Technology Oriented Education
Technology Oriented Education

An online or digital education system is not dangerous. It is a blessing because people sitting at home can get the education and necessary information in courses at all universities. All well-known and reputable universities worldwide offer their education in online forms. Previously, education at a particular university cost a lot of money. This process involves migrating to that country, which is a costly process that can burden the student financially. With the advent of online education, the burden that causes financial harm to the student has disappeared.

Introducing technology in preschool classes also has its benefits. The idea of visual education for children is nothing short of a blessing. It is a well-known factor that children learn more effectively through visualization. The videos that consist of rhymes and pictures of various objects that they teach; make the educational process for children more efficient and sustainable.

The animation that children love is also a gift of technology. Children can learn many positive things from animated stories. The animated stories are a good source for character building because you can make the children see social and ethical issues and a lot of religious ethics without saying anything.

Given Charles M. Vaughn’s argument above, the influence of technology on education is a blessing, not a danger. The idea of traditional education was a great source of socializing when children and students went to school.

This socialization issue is tended to by socialization applications where students can get to know the social way and talk with each other. The upsides of development for preparing are extending and will help educational associations eventually.

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