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Valentine’s Day Is Always February 14

Although Valentine’s Day celebration on February 14 in most countries, it is not a public holiday. So do not expect authorities, banks, schools, and organizations to close.

With millions of people worldwide celebrating love and romance on Valentine’s Day, this is the busiest day for florists. Greeting card shops, jewelers, and chocolate shops are also well attended.

On the most romantic day of the year, the restaurants are full as many people love to dine with their special guests. Some fine restaurants offer unique Valentine’s Day dinners that require reservations well in advance.

The Flower and Chocolate Debate

Giving chocolate or flowers on Valentine’s Day is often discussed. However, the National Confectioners Association believes that Americans prefer flowers over chocolate to celebrate the year’s most romantic day.

Both chocolate and flowers make impressive figures on Valentine’s Day. Although tons of roses sell on Valentine’s Day, chocolate usually weighs 69 to 31 percent. So if you are not sure what to give, make sure you give chocolate and flowers.

What Flowers Should I Give On Valentine’s Day?
While roses are the most popular flower to give on Valentine’s Day, Reader’s Digest suggests that other flowers that symbolize love and romance are someone special.

Carnations come in many different colors and are so inexpensive that you can express immortal love by giving a large bouquet of carnations as a gift. Try giving a few daisies in many different colors.

Then, they can shout other emotions from “Thank You” to “I Love You” Lilies symbolize a feeling of innocence.

So give lilies when you want to impress that particular person. Orchids form a tropical arrangement that suggests imagination in the relationship. Orchids represent love and indicate a strong union.

Valentine’s Day February 14

Things To Know About Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day is the busiest day for florists. Chocolate gets more than flowers. Red Roses get more than any other flower.

Valentine’s Day is a popular day for weddings. Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged more often than on any other occasion besides Christmas. Valentine’s Day cards give to relatives, spouses, significant others, teachers, and children.

School’s children like to exchange candy hearts with their classmates. So loving sayings print on the little candy hearts.

Did You Know?

Saudi Arabia bans Valentine’s Day celebrations. Everything that has to do with the romantic day is forbidden. It’s includes exchanging cards giving away flowers and chocolates. In addition, on February 14, it is not permitted to wear red.

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